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Hi, this is my home page. Below you will find some interesting links which are related to some of my interests: music, high tech, Asia.

Chinese word of the day (from http://www.zhongwen.com):

I am now a Massage Therapist!

New! Visit my Linux Tips page over at Google Plus!

Check out my Palm Tuner freeware for the Palm handheld! Gives you a built-in metronome and tone generator.

My Wedding



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Pictures from my trip to Scotland...

My kid brother and German shepherd puppy, circa 1984...

Pictures from English-Scottish session at Pinewoods, July 2001.

Pictures from our trip to Washington, Labor Day Weekend, September 2000

Pictures from New Hampshire Highland Games, September 2000

Pictures from Ramblewood Scottish weekend, September 2000

Joan, Rebecca and myself at Dave's and Julie's wedding, March 20 1999

Folk dance and music links:

  • The Sprig of Ivy
  • Folk Arts Center of New England
  • CDSS
  • New England Folk Festival Association
  • The Dance Gypsy
  • Speledans
  • Roaring Jelly
  • Cape Breton Gaelic College
  • Fiddle Magazine Home Page
  • Bare Necessities
  • Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire
  • Rick Lee home page
  • Ari's Klez Shack (Klezmer Music information, reviews, etc.)
  • The Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School
  • Barbara McOwen's Scottish Fiddlin' Page
  • John Chambers' abc music site.
  • The abc music notation system

    Cultural Sites:

  • Thinkwalks - walking tours of San Francisco (my bro'-in-law's site!)

    Asia related links:

  • Japan Internet Access Center
  • Tokyo Journal
  • Mangajin
  • Sinanet
  • Taiwan, Ilha Formosa
  • Learn Chinese Characters

    Items of philosophical and spiritual interest:

  • The Monroe Institute
  • Home Page for FranceenK

    Nutritional Resources:

  • Low-Carbo FAQ
  • USDA Nutrition Info
  • About Stevia, the natural sweetener
  • Info on Stevia
  • Alternative sweeteners
  • Low Carb Connoisseur -- discount mail order


  • What is entomophagy?
  • Aletheia Price's Edible Insects website
  • The Bay Area Bug Eating Society

    Yiddish Resources:

  • Workmen's Circle of Boston (Yiddish classes, other events)
  • The Yiddish Voice
  • Yugntruf - Youth for Yiddish
  • The Yiddish Homepage
  • Mendele: Forum for Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language

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